Up to 88% Off Treatments - Farney Healing Arts Center

Looking for a cheap treatment?  Volunteer to be a practice subject!  We often have classes and/or students needing practice subjects, and by volunteering your time, you will receive the benefit of the discounted treatment.  There are a few things you may want to consider before signing up:

  • The quality of the session may be less and/or less professional than a paid session with a certified practitioner.
  • Students will be working on what is currently relevant to their education, which means you may or may not receive a standard, full treatment. In some cases, a session may be working on specific techniques or locations, so there may be repetition of the same treatment or treatment area multiple times. You should expect your treatment session could be partial, limited, or otherwise incomplete because you are being worked on by students in various stages of training. 
  • There will be discussion and talking during the session, as students work with instructors and talk about what they feel, sense, and receive intuitively. This is a class, not a private treatment. You may be asked to answer questions to aid in student learning. Because this is often in a group setting, only discuss information you are comfortable sharing with the entire class. 
  • Volunteer subject offerings are only available during pre-scheduled times, and you must RSVP for each session individually. 

To sign up, please contact us to find out the current opportunities. 


Chios Opportunities:

Chios is an energy healing art that clears all 7 layers of the aura as well as balances the chakras.  Chios resets your entire energy field back to its original, balanced state and removes and corrects all energetic defects in your energy field, aura, and chakras. 

Level 1 - $10 - Level 1 students are learning to work with and channel energy in level 1.  A level 1 student treatment takes up to 15 minutes and involves correction of basic level 1 auric defects and simple chakra balancing via energy channeling. 
Summary: $10 quick chakra tune-up. 10-15 Minutes.
Level 2 - $20 - Level 2 students are learning to work with medium complexity auric defects.  A level 2 student treatment takes up to 30 minutes and involves correction of medium complexity auric defects, removal of auric impurities, clearing of energy that doesn't belong to you, and simple chakra balancing via energy channeling. 
Summary: $20 medium aura clearing and quick chakra tune-up. 30 Minutes

Level 3 - $30 - Level 3 students are learning advanced chakra defects and clearing.  A level 3 student treatment lasts 60 or more minutes and involves correction of all auric defects including complex auric defects, auric impurities, and clearing of energy that doesn't belong to you. Level 3 also includes advanced chakra diagnostics, advanced chakra clearing, removal of chakra impurities, chakra charging (up/down) (overactive/underactive), and full chakra system re-balancing.
Summary: $30 Comprehensive aura clearing and advanced chakra diagnostics and corrections. 60 Minutes