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If you are looking for the best deals, you are in the right place!  This article describes all the tips, tricks, and options you have to save money and reduce your payments when utilizing the center as well as how to how you can manage yor .  the right place.  Everyone likes saving money!  Here are not tips how to

Payment plans are offered to qualified clients and students who wish to pay over time instead of having to pay up front.  In addition to payment plans, there are packages and other ways to save money when booking services or classes. 


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Payment Plans, Options, and Terms for Services

The following options are available for services:

Purchasing Services in Bulk

Most of our services can be purchased in 3-Packs, 5-Packs, and 10-Packs.  This can create savings up to 35% off the single session price.  If you (or a group) of people will utilize all the sessions, it's a good way to get a substantial discount on the services you love!  Even though the Pack(s) are assigned directly to one account, the account holder can book services for anyone using their account.  If you wish to permanently transfer all the remaining sessions on your Pack(s) to a different account holder, then there is a $25 Transfer Service Fee.   

Booking Services for Others:  Yes, you can book sessions for others using your Pack(s).  There are no scheduling restrictions.
Transferring Credits/Packs to Other Accounts: Yes, for you can transfer the remaining credit(s)/Pack(s) for a $25 service fee. 

Monthly Contract Services

Enjoy 55% off the single session price when you sign up for a one year contract!  With our contract, you get our lowest rate for each and every session you schedule for you and your immediate family.  However, you are committing to purchase at least one session per month.  In the event you miss a month, your payment method will be charged for the missed session.  Similar to the Packs policy, you can book one session for someone else if it is the one contracted session for that month.  If you purchase extra sessions beyond your one monthly contracted session, those sessions can not be booked for others.  Extra contract rate sessions can only be used for the account holder and immediate family members.   Please read your contract terms carefully before purchasing.  Your contract will outline all the terms and conditions of the contract including payments, rates, commitment, freezing, and early termination. 

Booking Services for Others:  Your one contracted session per month can be booked for anyone without restrictions.  If you buy extra sessions in a month for the contract price, the extra sessions can only be used by the account holder and linked family member (household member and immediate family) accounts.   A household member is defined as someone living in your household at least 50% of the time.  Immediate family is defined as your spouse and your children. 
Transferring Credits/Contract to Other Accounts:  No, neither the contract nor the credits can be transferred to another account.  You can, however, book your one contracted session per month for someone else.  If you decide you no longer want the contract, you can cancel the contract, but you will lose your early termination security deposit if you cancel before the end of the contract.   

Discounted Treatments (Volunteer Subject)

We sometimes need volunteers in our classes and practice sessions, and you can volunteer to receive a partial treatment from students in various stages of training for a discount.  Discounted treatments are available in limited quantities which is scheduled as student class and practice needs dictate.  If your financial situation doesn't allow you to purchase treatments or if you just want to enjoy a tune up, you might consider volunteering as a practice subject at a student clinic. We offer volunteer subject space in a round robin fashion. Due to high demand, it's fairly common for there to be a waiting period to get signed up for one slot as a volunteer subject.  For more information on this offering, please visit our information page.

Pay with Bitcoin

Customers paying with Bitcoin receive a 25% discount on all services and classes. 

First Service Rebate

After you complete your first appointment, you will receive a coupon for $25 in-store credit, which must be used within 30 days of your first appointment.



Payment Plans, Options, and Terms for Classes/Events

The following options are available for Classes/Events:

Account Credit

We offer account credit for those who want to make smaller payments overtime to build up a balance they can use for a future class or service.  With this option, your payments are credited to your account (instead of receiving an actual product, service, or class), and the next time you checkout online, the shopping cart will show your credit balance and ask if you wish to apply your credit.  You can add a credit balance to your account by using the Account Payments link.   This is useful for treatments as well as the smaller 1-2 day classes where we do not offer payment plans.  (Payment plans are only offered where the cost can be divided up equally among all the sessions.)   If you are having trouble affording a service or class you want, consider making small weekly or monthly Account Payments until you have enough to book. 


Are you planning on completing multiple levels of education?  Buy them all at once to get substantial discount on all three levels.  You can even combine it with a payment plan equal to the length of time required to complete all three levels.  When buying any package, please read the expiration terms carefully.  Each package will clearly state what is included in the package, and how long you have to schedule the items in your package before they expire.  To view the current package offerings, visit the Payment Plans, Auto-Pays, Bundles, and Contracts page.  Don't see what you need?  Ask us to see if we can create a custom package to fit your unique needs. 

Pay with Bitcoin

Customers paying with Bitcoin receive a 25% discount on all services and classes.

First Class Rebate

After you attend your first class, you will receive a coupon for $25 in-store credit which must be used within 30 days of your first class. 



Other Ways to Save

Come in for your first visit!  On your first year anniversary, you get a $50 rebate as in-store credit.  The coupon expires 30 days after your first anniversary, so be sure to claim your in-store credit before it expires. 

Fill out your profile!  On your birthday, you get a $50 rebate as in-store credit each year.  The birthday coupon expires 30 days after your birthday, so be sure to claim your in-store credit before it expires.