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Man Meditating at PoolOur 300 series classes are geared for the advanced meditator. In this series, you will learn additional tools, how to use altered states in exploration, practical and useful applications of altered states, and how to maximize your personal benefit. The core goal/focus is to provide a forum for people to exercise these states, and we introduce a new practical use of the states each week whether it be working with non-physical energy, accessing non-physical "friends", pulling information from the universe, exploring other dimensions, moving outside the boundaries of time, communicating with your high self, clearing energy, etc. Each week will be an exercise to focus on a weekly theme or a new lesson built on the foundation of the previous week. This gets into topics ranging from patterning and problem solving, to deep healing with energy tools, from accessing and changing subconscious programming, to moving your energy body through space/time, from exploring other dimensions and energy systems, to more worldly themes like manifestation, healing, abundance, relationships, and forgiveness. Headphone are required for most classes, so please bring your headphones. Headphones are available to rent if you forget yours.


Meditation 301: Introduction to Advanced Meditation - Prerequisite - Meditation 202
This one time class will get you ready for advanced meditations. In the intermediate class, we continue to walk you through each tool individually. Now that you are in the advanced stage, you need to be able to perform these tools on your own. This class reviews all of the tools and practices performing them on your own without walk-throughs. This is a key requirement to get the most out of the advanced meditations, because the tools will no longer prompted. You should be doing them on your own automatically.

Meditation 302: Advanced Meditation - Prerequisite - Meditation 301
This class practices many different techniques and ideas for getting the most value out of altered states during your meditations. We will cover many advanced topics including additional tools, advanced applications or previous lessons, and new adventures in expanded consciousness. Each class is individual, and there is no commitment to attend multiple sessions in a row.

Meditation 303: Advanced Chios® Meditation - Prerequisite - Meditation 203
This class meets periodically to work on a specific Chios® meditation techniques. This is intended for Chios® students, but the public is welcome to attend. Each class is individual, and there is no commitment to attend multiple sessions in a row. Each session, we will work on advanced meditations and exercises to deepen our Chios® skills, sensitivity to energy, empathy, and intuition.


Woman Meditating on DockMoving to the Next Level
If you are desiring even deeper and more profound experiences with meditation after taking the 300s, consider purchasing The Monroe Institute's Gateway Experience®  home study course or the SyncCreation® Manifestation home study course. Gateway is a series of 36 meditations designed for the most serious meditators and adventurous people seeking universal truth. SyncCreation is a manifestation, healing, and psychokinesis course is designed for dozens of uses and a lifetime of benefits.


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