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Woman Meditating in Field of FlowersOur 200 series classes are geared for the intermediate meditator. In this series, you will learn about the various "labeled" states of consciousness and working with them. We take people from being passive meditators (beginners following simple guidance) to being active participants (commitment from all the cells of the body). This class focuses on the various states of consciousness and works on getting there, including some simple education on utilizing altered states once we have arrived. You will learn how to use alternated states of consciousness (at the appropriate times) in your day to day life. These altered states can help with concentration, productivity, creativity, stress reduction, increasing overall happiness, etc. The main goals of intermediate are to become familiar with and proficient at applying meditation tools, learning how to identify and reach various "labeled" states of consciousness, and becoming comfortable entering those alternated states of consciousness. Once the tools are mastered and incorporated into meditation, the advanced level teaches the amazing and useful things you can do with these states of consciousness. Headphone are required for most classes, so please bring your headphones.  Headphones are available to rent if you forget yours.


Meditation 201: Introduction to Intermediate Meditation - Prerequisite - Meditation 102
This one time class covers the basic tools we use to raise your energy and enter different states of consciousness. This class is required before starting any other 200 level classes, and it is the only class that teaches the five key tools we use. We will learn about and practice each tool individually, and then try a meditation which incorporates all the tools. See the current schedule.

Meditation 202: Intermediate Meditation - Prerequisite - Meditation 201
This class practices getting into different altered states of consciousness. This class rotates between teaching each state, practicing each state, and working through practical and useful applications of each state. Each class is individual, and there is no commitment to attend multiple sessions in a row. In each session, we will perform one or more meditations to enter different altered states of consciousness. Follow along the best you can and enjoy the meditation. Cost: $5-$30 per class depending on your pricing option, package, or membership. See individual pricing, membership pricing, current schedule, program flyer, and program success path.    

Meditation 203: Intermediate Chios® Meditation - Prerequisite - Meditation 201
This class meets periodically to work on a specific Chios® meditation techniques. This is intended for Chios® students, but the public is welcome to attend. Each class is individual, and there is no commitment to attend multiple sessions in a row. Each session, we will work on meditations and exercises to deepen our Chios® skills, sensitivity to energy, empathy, and intuition.

Meditation 205: Mindfood® Meditation- Prerequisite - Meditation 201
Want to bliss out to a meditation audio track without attending a formal class? In this session there is no classroom instruction, so plug in your headphones and enjoy. Join us for a selection from the Monroe Institute's renowned guided meditation material.  Each week you will be able to listen to a Monroe Institute track, full CD, or similar product. These tracks do not contain music and have verbal guidance to walk you through achieving a specific goal. These tracks are intermediate level and do not contain advanced applications of gateway. Meditation 201 is recommended prior to taking this class so you can correctly follow along with affirmations, resonate tuning, and resonate energy balloon. See individual pricing, membership pricing, and current schedule. Some of the categories are listed below:  

Mind Food titles do not contain music. These selections incorporate verbal guidance and/or subtle sound effects along with specially blended Hemi-Sync frequencies and sound patterns designed to help you achieve and sustain synchronized brain wave activity in both hemispheres of your brain. Mind Food selections are available for a wide variety of uses ranging from meditations or focused attention to stress management and sleep enhancement, and many other practical applications. The lesson will vary each week.

Heart-Sync exercises feature frequencies that focus on opening ourselves to our heart's intuition and energy. This line of products was developed by Laurie Monroe, who had a wonderful ability to live from her heart and encourage others to do the same. Heart-Sync exercises incorporate verbal guidance and subtle sound effects along with specially blended Hemi-Sync® frequencies.

Human Plus, or H-Plus is a means of utilizing the immense power of the subconscious to affect change in your life. Each H-Plus (or Function Exercise) contains verbal guidance and precise combinations of Hemi-Sync frequencies that gently draw you into an extraordinarily receptive, whole-brain state while establishing the Access Channel -- the ultimate communication channel to all levels of awareness -- mental, physical, and emotional. By design, the Access Channel is opened during each Function Exercise, allowing you to learn a different Function Command (short, verbal cue) ranging from controlling your appetite to increasing your energy. Once the Function Command has become encoded while the Access Channel is open, you can then call upon or "activate" that Function at any time, on demand, in everyday life situations. The H-Plus series offers a different kind of pathway to new levels of freedom -- to becoming Human Plus.


Meditation 250: Hemi-Sync Meditation and the Monroe Institute's Chicago Chapter Meeting
This class meets periodically for the public to experience some of Robert Monroe's work, learn about hemi-sync® technology, and learn about the Monroe Institute. This is the Chicago Chapter meeting of the Monroe Institute's local chapter network, and the public is encouraged to attend.  Cost: $15

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Moving to the Next Level
You are encouraged to stay in the 200 level until you are able to enter altered states of consciousness on your own. When you feel you are ready for the next level of challenge, or even getting bored with the 200 level meditations, then start exploring the 300s! You must attend at least one class of 202 before starting the 300 level.


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