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The Gateway Experience® evolved directly from The Monroe Institute's world-renowned Gateway Voyage®. Like the Voyage, this life-enhancing program is dedicated to developing, exploring, and applying expanded states of awareness. Beginning with Discovery, there are six "albums" called "Waves of Change." Each Wave contains special Hemi-Sync® exercises designed to gently lead you into profound states of expanded awareness. While in such states, you will have a broader range of perceptions available to solve problems, develop creativity, obtain guidance, communicate with your higher self, increase intuition, work with non-physical energy, access non-physical "friends", pull information from the universe, explore other dimensions, move outside the boundary of space/time, move your energy body through space/time, and heal yourself. An instruction/study manual is included with each wave. Gateway CDs Spread Like a Deck of Cards

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Wave I - Discovery $99The Gateway Experience Wave I - Discovery

Discovery introduces the Mind Awake/Body Asleep state (Focus™ 10) and other "mental tools" to help you experience states of expanded awareness. You are led from your physical waking state into deep relaxation and then into unexplored levels of consciousness. Discover new potentials in thought and action as your total self becomes your personal gateway into profound forms of perception.

  • Orientation - Introduction and Focus 3
  • Introduction to Focus 10 - Establish the state of mind awake, body asleep
  • Advanced Focus 10 - Expand perception and learn greater control of personal energy
  • Release and Recharge - Detach from old fears and negative emotions
  • Exploration, Sleep - Techniques for expanding and exploring while asleep
  • Focus 10 Free Flow - Experiment with all tools learned in Wave 1



Wave II - Threshold $99The Gateway Experience Wave II - Threshold

Learn more Focus 10 "mental tools" and benefit from exercises which take you to a state of expanded awareness known as Focus 12. Threshold opens new perceptual channels for expanding and integrating personal awareness while developing creative insights which assist in dissolving fear barriers. Focus 12 will feel different than Focus 10 and give you different experiences. It can be subtle, so pay attention and get a good feel for Focus 12 as we will work with it for the next two Waves. Focus 12 sets up a good base to go into deeper states of expanded awareness. Wave II is important because it helps us address our life and taking care of our physical body. Often, this is a step forgotten during the development of meditative skills. It builds a strong foundation for the exercises in later waves such as Lift Off, Remote Viewing, Vectors, etc. that all assist with working with our consciousness.

  • Intro to Focus 12 - Establish the higher energy state of expanded awareness
  • Problem Solving - Receive creative solutions to your questions
  • One Month Patterning - Reshape your life in desired directions
  • Color Breathing - Link mind and body to energize and support healing
  • Energy Bar Tool - Direct your nonphysical energies
  • Living Body Map - Balance and strengthen the physical self



Wave III - Freedom $99The Gateway Experience Wave III - Freedom

Enjoy Focus 10 and Focus 12 exercises developed specifically to make the methods for perceiving and controlling your nonphysical energy a comfortable and joyous experience. Remote Viewing teaches you to perceive distance things, and Vectors help you establish paths for movement. Five Questions teaches you to get answers, and Energy Food helps you increase your frequency. This is important because "getting out of body" (OBE) takes higher frequency levels. Finally, you have two exercises to help with achieving nonphysical experience and exploring nonphysical consciousness.

  • Life Off - Achieve ease with nonphysical experience
  • Remote Viewing - Tools for distant perception
  • Vectors - Reference points for easy movement
  • Five Questions - Answers from your total self
  • Energy Food - Absorb nonphysical energy
  • First Stage Separation - Explore nonphysical consciousness



Wave IV - Adventure $99The Gateway Experience Wave IV - Adventure

Explore new experiences, new ideas, new places, and new friends. This album provides you with the ultimate expression beyond Freedom...that of a personally controlled and directed adventure. With Wave IV, you learn to personally control and direct your adventure. Even people that have reached these depths on their own can use The Gateway Experience to have more control and get more out of the experience. People with meditative background often have deeper and more profound meditations.

  • One Year Patterning - For designing your desired future
  • Five Messages - Gain insight into your total self
  • Free Flow 12 - An unparalleled background for personal exploration
  • NVC I - Non-verbal communication, the language of intuitive thought
  • NVC II - Broaden perception in all states of your being
  • Compoint 12 - Establish a reference point for communication with higher consciousness



Wave V - Exploring $99The Gateway Experience Wave V - Exploring

From the now familiar state of Focus 12, you will introduced to Focus 15, the "no time" state...the state of simply being. Here, far beyond your five physical senses, you can connect with the source of your intuition.

  • Advanced Focus 12 - Strengthen and reinforce familiarity with this valuable state
  • Discovering Intuition - Use Focus 12 as a natural foundation for enhancing your intuitive abilities
  • Exploring Intuition - Further exploration of your intuitive abilities
  • Introduction to Focus 15 - Be guided into Focus 15, the state of "no time," where time does not exist for you
  • Mission 15 Creation and Manifestation - Explore Focus 15 as a powerful state of creation and manifestation
  • Exploring Focus 15 - A free flow opportunity for further exploration of this extraordinary state



Wave VI - Odyssey $99The Gateway Experience Wave VI - Odyssey

A journey to Focus 21...embark upon an odyssey of self-discovery. Wave VI features high-adventure exercises in Focus 21 (the bridge to other energy systems). Explore realms of awareness that defy description, in dimensions beyond physical space/time reality, in this much requested continuation of The Gateway Experience.

  • Sensing Locale 1 - Learn to control your energy body
  • Expansion Locale 1 - Reach out further from your physical body
  • Point of Departure - Project "out of phase"from your physical self
  • Nonphysical Friends - Meet your "helpers in energetic form"
  • Movement to Locale 2 / Introduction to Focus 21 - Travel the bridge to other energy systems
  • Free Flow Journey in Focus 21 - Brand-new territory for your exploration



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